Some Industry Terms

Wild caught (w/c): Animals that come from the wild.

F1: Animals that are captive-bred but their parents are wild-caught.

F2, F3, F4 and so forth: Refers to many generations of captive-bred (c/b) animals If you see something that looks like 1.2.3 this means there is one male, two females and three juveniles that cannot be sexed.

Morphs or phenotypes: Frogs of the same species but with differences in size, colorations, and other features.

Sexual dimorphism: Differences between males and females in color, shape, size, or any other characteristic.

Obligate egg-feeders: Frogs that lay infertile eggs for their tadpoles as a food source.

Captive-bred (c/b): Animals bred in captivity.

In Situ: Incubating eggs in the frogs' enclosure.

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