Large purchase discounts
We do provide discounts on large orders. Call or email and we can discuss these rates.
All of our animals are shipped overnight. We arrange for a late pickup time and an early delivery time. This policy reduces the risks of extreme temperature conditions and stress during shipping. We ship our frogs in plastic containers with high grade sphagnum moss (no paper towels) and plant clippings for hiding which also serves to maintain high humidity.
The frogs are placed in individual containers with premade air holes. DO NOT PUNCTURE THE AIRHOLES YOURSELF; this may be abrasive to the frogs. Do not put too much water in the containers because frogs can drown. Frogs’ containers are placed in thick Styrofoam coolers. If you ship during cooler winter weather and want to use heat pack, beware. Use a high quality heat pack obtained from a pet shop specifically for the purpose of maintaining an animal’s preferred temperature. Sports heat packs can overheat and have a short life span. Place the heat pack outside of the Styrofoam container and inside another box. A heat pack should never be placed inside the styrofoam container because the container with the frog can dry out and over-heat the frogs, which could kill the animal. For extreme heat conditions, place a chilled (not frozen) cool pack inside the Styrofoam container.
We guarantee live delivery as long as you are there to pick up the delivery. All sales are final. When you have received your frogs, place a drop of sugar water on the frogs’ back or let them submerge in sugar water. This will provide the frog with vital electrolytes and reduce stress.
Seasonal shipping
Because of potentially extreme weather conditions, EcoFauna will not ship during certain times of the year. We are concerned with the health of the animals being delivered if they are exposed to inclement weather. We do not take risks with the lives of our animals.
Wait List
We do accept wait list requests if you are willing to prepay for the frogs.
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