Froglet Care
Froglets will not eat for anywhere from a few days to a week after emerging from the water because they are still absorbing the nutrients from their tails. They do not need food during this period, so don’t be too concerned if you can’t get them to eat. Feed the froglets fruit flies or other very small species; springtails may be required. Make sure the small frogs’ food sources are easy to access—don’t make your froglets hunt for their food.
House the froglets in small and very simple enclosures, which will make the baby frogs much easier to observe. Don’t overcrowd the froglets because that can stress them to the point of death. Froglets are small enough to feel comfortable hiding in leaf litter and other cuttings of broad-leaved plants (I use pothos and creeping fig because they are hardy, readily available, and inexpensive), cork bark pieces, and bromeliads. If you plan to sell your froglets, I
recommend waiting 12-16 weeks at least before you sell them. The larger the frogs, the hardier they will be. Also, keep same-sized juveniles together, and, finally, make sure you have enough room if you’re planning to breed.
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