All of EcoFauna's species are bred in captivity. The first thing I would say to any prospective poison arrow frog owner is that you should never purchase an imported species. Imports often have parasites or fungi and can carry the risk of still producing poison, along with other problems that could harm your nonimported animals. Buy from a reputable breeder, and always quarantine newly purchased frogs…it is far better to be safe than sorry. It is also important not to support the international pet trade. Many of these species are imported illegally and have a very low survival rate due to a variety of causes, such as stress from international shipping, overcrowded enclosures (even living on top of one another), unhygienic conditions, exposure to unfavorable weather conditions not suitable for them, lack of food or water, and dead animals and fecal matter that are often left in the containers. These conditions promote injuries, disease, and parasites. Imported species also deplete the natural populations of these animals.
Poison arrow frogs are not toxic in captivity. As long as you are purchasing captive-bred species, you should not have any problems. Some keepers suggest wearing gloves, but this is not necessary. However; do wash your hands before and after handling the frogs.
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