Argentine Fire Ants
If Argentine fire ants live in your area, they can make your frog-owning experience very frustrating. They will be attracted to the food items in your frogs’ cage and can invade with a force of thousands of ants within an hour or two. When the ants have finished eating any live or dead insects, they will start to eat the frogs alive. This is excruciating to see, and unfortunately there are only a few solutions.
I strongly discourage ever using poison—especially spray poisons—in the room in which the frogs are housed. Spraying the outside of your home or business will help. Inside the room, I suggest using cornstarch powder. Sprinkle it along the base of the tank, and ants will either not cross the barrier or they will become incapacitated if they do cross. This is a good solution because it has no adverse effects on your frogs. Ants cannot digest cornstarch, and it starts to shut down their digestive system.
Nonpoisonous powders found on the Internet are very useful as well, but typically they are expensive. I have also heard that surrounding the cage, table, or rack around the bases with dish soap, Vaseline, or Crisco works to keep the ants out of the frogs’ habitat.
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