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Ameerega bassleri ''abesiso''
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Price: $200.00
Size: These are larger frogs, around 2 inches in length.
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Natural Habitat and Range: These frogs reside under logs or rocks close to running water in Peru.

Temperature: Their natural temperature range is between 70-77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidity: They prefer an ambient humidity of 80% or higher.

Size: These are larger frogs, around 2 inches in length.

Temperament and Experience: These are shy frogs shy, but are also visually striking. They are very hardy, making them great for beginning owners.

Terrarium Setup: Provide 5-10 gallons of space per frog. These frogs should be housed in pairs of 1 male and 1 female or in small groups. Running water helps to mimic their natural environment. These frogs are extremely terrestrial.

Breeding: These frogs can be difficult to breed. Running water is a large component in stimulating breeding activity. They will breed under coco huts. In the wild, they rear their tadpoles in small streams. Metamorphosis occurs in about 50 days.


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